With a vision to be on the forefront of the rapid changes in digital advertising, KATANA has a dedicated effort to build best of breed technologies. Our higher than normal proportion of developers, data scientists and experts in Artificial Intelligence, have built the KATANA TECHNOLOGY STACK all of our campaigns run through.

As a result, all of our campaigns have an integrated warehousing and intelligence viewpoint to model and optimize in unrivaled fashion.

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Profitable results
Audience Modeler

Knowing as much as possible about your customer base and/or target audience is the foundation for any successful media campaign. Taking advantage of our Data Management Platform (DMP) and access to over 90 different data providers, KATANA provides a deep demographic and behavioral analysis of our clients’ customers. These insights provide a platform for proper ad messages, creative and campaign targeting parameters.

Customer Insights Tool

Founded on KATANA’s principles of executing media campaigns that take advantage of business data versus just advertising metrics, we have built a cutting edge customer insights tool. Most of our clients are in awe when seeing the insights from it as it gives many for the first time a granular and real data view of their customers lifetime values, cycling, and segmentation opportunities.

Data Warehousing

To fully take advantage of business data in digital media campaigns, it is mandatory to properly feed and aggregate multiple data sources into a single environment. KATANA’s Data Warehousing technology just does that. It is built on latest ETL (Extract, Transfer, and Load) technologies that ensure that our clients’ data is complete, properly organized and provides the ability to continuously refresh to drive real-time business data intelligence and unmatched audience targeting ability.

Lead Conversion Modeler

Many marketers have the challenge of a longer and multi-touch sales process. As such, the understanding of the true value of a lead generated with respect to the likelihood of conversion into a valuable customer is a something B2B and B2C marketers alike have been trying to solve for years. Via the use of predictive algorithms, our Lead Conversion Modeler provides our lead generation campaigns with the ability to identify the if a lead will eventually convert at the time of generation. As result of this technology, our lead gen campaigns drive the highest quality leads.

Semantic Targeter

Do you know what typically happens when your campaigns are targeted contextually via the standard, off-the-shelf content targeting mechanics? Your ads show up next to content that is completely off the categories that were selected, aka you are wasting budgets and misaligning your brand. The reason is that most content targeting approaches are based on outdated and manual categorization methodologies. To combat this issue and provide our marketers with the ability to target custom categories, KATANA has built our Semantic Targeter. Our technology uses a combination of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to categorize ad inventory opportunity at a significantly higher contextual relevance. Gone are the days of waste and inability to target yourself next to specific content.

Optimization Algorithm

Built on cutting-edge predictive algorithms from our world-class Artificial Intelligence team, our automated optimization techniques take advantage of 38 campaign variables in real-time. With the analysis of over 6 billion possible combinations, our buys have the ability not only to analyze the impact of each impression after the fact but also predict the value before making a bid.


Targeting users based on exact previous behaviors and actions with your brand is something that takes a lot of time to set up and requires heavy manual attention. In the end, having a fully optimal user-oriented retargeting approach has to this point not been possible, whether it is for individual time-based initiatives or for continuous needs. KATANA has solved this problem and provides its clients with automated media campaigns that are rule-based with respect to predetermined user behaviors and segments. In addition, it provides the ability to overlay any available data set for automated targeting. Wouldn’t it be nice to target users with a specific message after they came to your product detail page during their first visit and then later clicked through from a paid search ads? We can easily set this up.


Connected to our clients’ customer database, our proprietary DataQ is a SaaS technology that allows marketers to activate customer segments in advertising campaigns. With changing data of a customer, this is the only available customer activation platform that updates its audience groups in real-time across Google and Facebook currently.


The key to optimal real-time buying and integrated viewpoints, KATANA is operating in a Multi-DSP ecosystem. Here, our campaigns constantly evaluate the best possible bid for your next impression, disregarding which inventory source it comes from. It also provides our optimization efforts with the ability for a single and fully integrated view of the entire campaign.