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End-to-end digital media partner.

What We Do

Katana combines expert digital media services with state-of-the-art technologies to manage digital media initiatives for brand marketers and agencies seeking the most advanced approach. Utilizing a proven strategic framework, we take advantage of audience data and real-time buying to execute highly personalized and effective media campaigns in an unprecedented, unique way.

We offer advanced digital media buying across the following channels:

Display Advertising
Mobile Display Ad
Retargeting Ads
Paid Search
Social Advertising
Programmatic Video
Programmatic Television
Strategy Planning

Our Approach

Real-Time Buying

By purchasing media in real-time, our dynamic team of media traders can rapidly implement adjustments and optimizations to deliver flexible, higher performing campaigns.

Individual Targeting

Our media impressions are highly targeted with our exclusive user connection setup; generating highest relevance and scale for our clients.

Relevant Messages

Leverage our individual targeting approach to execute campaigns that reflect messages unique to your audience's behavior, demographics, and brand affinity.

Our Ecosystem

Our technology framework is based on three main pillars:
Data Management Platform

Audience Data Management Platforms (DMP)

We process, store and analyze audience data to build comprehensive targeting profiles across all of our campaigns, tapping into a combination of first party data, accessible partnerships and exclusive partnerships. Our unique validation and overlay approach to data sets generates superior return on audience targeting.

Marketing Ecosystem

Performance Connectors

Ad campaigns should not solely rely on campaign data to determine the optimizations necessary to impact business. Understanding this fallacy, we built our ecosystem to be capable of integrating with any business system to generate the optimizations crucial to initiate business growth. With access to our performance connectors, marketers receive campaign results that accelerate their sales, resulting in measurable growth.

Demand Side Platform

Multi-Demand Side Platform (DSP) Setup

We use a multi-DSP approach that is integrated into our ecosystem for a synchronized campaign management approach. This unique setup for buying ad inventory grants our clients access to receive any type of ad inventory - general or specialized - while additionally experiencing an enhanced path to inventory efficiencies.

Create. Manage. Optimize. Katana provides end-to-end solutions.

A digital media plan requires a comprehensive approach to be successful. Our media team has the ability to partner with you from strategic development to audience profiling, and to overall planning and execution. We have assembled a highly experienced team of digital strategists and innovators to work with you in highest collaboration.