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Working at KATANA is not like any other agency. I am sure you have heard this one before. So let us tell you why we believe this is true.

We trust by simply reading through this website, you realized that we are a highly ambitious bunch of media and technology geeks. A group of individuals that has committed itself to continuously be at the forefront of media innovation. We are driven by being in an independent agency setting where all of our ideas and actions are being heard and asked for.

As we have grown, we have realized that one word (maybe one and a half) stitches us all together. The word is: World-Class. It is not meant to say that we have reached that top of the mountain, but it is a drive that sits in all of us. Every single day, every single piece of work and every single interaction we do is rooted in this belief.

This means for you that our expectations are high. We are looking for team members that have this same drive.

Besides the fact that it is not easy to become a KATANA team member (yes we have a more advanced interview process than you typically see) and high expectations when you are part of our family, we have some good news for you about our workplace culture.

KATANA has been recently shortlisted as the 2018 finalist for two Digiday awards: “Most Innovative Culture – Small Agency” & “Most Dedicated to Employee Growth – Agency”.


A Conscious Workplace and Leadership Culture is our most protected treasure:

We take pride in the creation of a workplace that both internally and externally develops a culture of a fully engaged team that is driven by accountability, ownership and passion. Egos are left at the door, and the core focus of every KATANA team member is to learn, innovate, transform and create a healthy and collaborative work environment.

Our leadership team prides themselves on working with all of our clients as trusted advisors, gaining a full understanding of what drives their businesses and what “success” means for them. This encompasses a behavior that embraces full transparency, difficult discussions when required, and ultimately a mindset that results in true collaboration and partnership with anyone we work with, with an outcome of productive and break-through communication that leads to positive performance and results.


We challenge and grow ourselves as we know that it is the most important stimuli for everybody in the workplace

Without continual growth and progress, words like “improvement”, “achievement” and “success” deliver no meaning. Challenging ourselves to constantly strive to be World-Class in everything we do is at the core of our existence. We acknowledge that our industry is ever-changing and progressing, and we lean into this and dive deep. We transform these challenges and use them as opportunities for growth. By delivering continuous education, knowledge shares and hands-on technology experimentation and utilization to our team, we are positioned to deliver the quality results we promise to our clients. We have the practice of looking at any issue through a different lens to gain perspective and identify open possibilities that deliver new viewpoints.

This resilient spirit becomes an asset that transforms any challenge into an opportunity for growth. We embrace curiosity and explore our environments like scientists  hungry to grow and learn in new ways. We are eager and ready to transform, unable and unwilling to stay complacent. When we are open and inquisitive, we are more apt to find the inspiration to move forward and progress.

The growth and development of our people is our calling, it’s what motivates us and drives us to a higher level of innovation and expertise that results in impressive employee retention rates we are proud of.

Katana Team Roles

Media Campaign Analyst

Our Campaign Analysts are the primary client contact, so excellent communication and organizational skills is a must. We want proactive self-starters with strong attention to detail on our team, as well as hands-on media platform experience and a background in digital media.

Project Manager

Are you an project management expert with background in managing tasks, creating and managing milestones and leading projects from start to completion? This might be just the role for you.

Data Analytics Manager

This our geekiest position of all! As a Data Specialist, you will immersed in all things data: management, visualization, analysis and implementation.

Director of Client Strategy

Our Directors must exhibit excellent communication and leadership skills to deliver world-class results for our clients. Professionalism must be demonstrated in every meeting, client presentation or document. Successful candidates should possess experience in C-level client relations, with an exceptional command of the English grammar, writing, punctuation and oral speech.

Media Specialist

Our Media Specialists are self-driven, analytical, and total geeks—yes that’s right, we said geeks! We are looking for media people who are eager to learn more about the ever-changing channels they specialize in. This industry changes constantly, are you keeping pulse? Then this is the position for you.

Marketing Manager

Our ideal Marketing Manager is willing to go the extra mile and work hard in an exciting field that is ever-changing. We are looking for qualified people that want to build a solid foundation for their career at a fast-growing digital marketing company in Southern California.  We consider this position critical in providing strategic and tactical digital marketing direction for the company. 

Back-end Software Engineer

Our Back-end Software Engineers are fast-learning developers with 1-3 years of experience in building horizontally scalable web applications. Come work on our cutting-edge ad technology by developing platform integrations, visualization technologies, and more. 

Junior Data Analyst

Data analysis, reporting dashboards, and digital media should not be foreign words to you—in fact, these phrases should excite you! Got experience in Google Tag Manager, Adwords, Analytics and a strong understanding of Excel functions? This is the position for you!


We work hard to make your career stop with us the most pivotal part of your work journey:
And YES!! We have the famous snack bar, drinks, Happy Hours and more that all Millennials are expecting.

So if you feel that you want to be part of the best of the best in digital media, check out our KATANA Insiders Program.


Katana Insiders

We are always looking for great people. AND while we are really humming right now, we anticipate that we will continue to grow at an accelerated pace. So we invite qualified, talented people to join our Katana Insiders program in order to be first in line when we post new openings.

What do I get for being in the program?

Once you pass our initial screen for relevant job experience and are admitted into the program, you will be given access to our Katana Insider web portal. As a member of the program you will be given one week’s advance notification of any upcoming job postings.  Additionally, you will receive our monthly newsletters and blogs, and invites to all our hosted webinars. The Katana team member who initially referred you will also keep in touch with you monthly.

How do I apply?

Send your resume and a cover letter telling us why you might be a good fit and we will get back to you right away.


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