Analytics Reporting

Innovative digital marketing campaigns easily integrated into your media plan.

Campaign Packages

Katana provides next generation digital media solutions through innovations in data modeling and advertising technologies. We have built an ever-growing list of campaign solutions that fit easily into a marketer's or agency's media plans. We customize each package to meet your needs or objectives.


With the ability to make decisions regarding audience, creative and channel placements, Auto-Trigger campaigns automatically make smart display decisions without the hassle of manual adjustments. Auto-Trigger recognizes predefined triggers and will place relevant ads in front of the target audience at the right time and in the right place.

Semantic Content Targeting

We apply artificial intelligence to automatically categorize domain and website content into a hierarchal index, associating each site with a confidence level and relevancy score. Overlaying data and natural language processing technology, Semantic Content Targeting campaigns classify a website’s content into the most relevant topic category.

Email Newsletter Ads

Katana accesses the largest inventory of programmatic email newsletter ads currently available, and you only pay if your ad is actually viewed. Place your ads in front of demographically or contextually targeted audiences in one of the most attractive and best performing mediums: email.

CRM Cycler

CRM Cycler campaigns are engineered to comprehensively integrate all your sales, transactional and customer data into our audience segment builder to allow for continuously updated 1:1 campaigns. Once a connection is established, you are able to segment your audience in real-time based on accurate data that you decide on.

Facebook Performance

Our campaigns ingest layers of enhanced Facebook campaign data into our technology ecosystem to offer executions on a performance basis. We master Facebook targeting strategy to get your brand in front of the most relevant and motivated audience segment.

In-Store Conversion

Implement online campaigns that measure consumers' offline behaviors, including in-store visits and conversions. In-Store Conversion campaigns attribute offline consumer behavior directly to omni-channel advertising campaigns across TV, banner, search, social, native, mobile or video.