Mobile Marketing Campaigns – Webinar Takeaways

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Yesterday Katana’s Executive Chairman, Andreas Roell partnered with Media Manager, Corey Zalewski to discuss strategies for optimizing and implementing successful mobile marketing campaigns in our August webinar – Mobile Marketing Campaigns.

The mobile market now makes up for more than 65 percent of digital media time, surpassing desktop usage in 2014. Two-thirds of the United States population uses smartphones to execute financial transactions, social media, communication, education and entertainment. Mobile has become an integral function of the modern lifestyle, changing the culture of communication between prospective customers and businesses.

Despite mobile’s prevalent explosion in the digital space, some businesses are missing the mark on a few critical components of mobile strategy. Katana’s 30-minute webinar explored actionable tips to augment your business’s ability to adequately communicate and reach the right audience using mobile.

Mobile is driving internet growth, fueled by the 4.6 billion global mobile device owners. The magnitude of mobile marketing is realized upon analyzing how much time and money marketers, brands and publishers are spending on mobile performance. In 2014, Facebook made began refocusing marketing efforts and budgets to mobile over desktop, and now 80% of Facebook’s ad dollars come from mobile.

Our presenters delved into actionable strategies to improve the buying, creative and tracking of mobile campaigns. Interested in learning the specifics for implementing successful mobile campaigns? Check out the webinar SlideShare presentation below.


  • Focus on people and target audience – not the device or channel
  • Understand customers’ purchasing behaviors and process
  • Optimize site and landing pages for mobile web
  • Implement a capable mobile attribution solution for effective tracking

Katana August Webinar – Mobile Marketing Campaigns from Sabrina Blaustein