Tracking Beyond Conversions – Webinar Recap

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to those participants who engaged with our July Katana Webinar “Tracking Beyond Conversions.” Founder and 18-year digital marketing vet Andreas Roell provided his expert knowledge about why it’s necessary to go beyond traditional conversion tracking, and offered strategies for KPI development.

Novice digital marketers mistakenly over-focus on tracking conversions as the sole performance evaluation metrics. However, exclusively concentrating on action driven conversions limits a market’s campaign on scale and audience reach. Katana’s July webinar provided marketers of any size with actionable tips, strategies and tools to make digital marketing campaigns accountable beyond the conversion.  

According to eMarketer, 59% of digital marketers use conversion based tracking as the only form of accountability for their campaign. Additionally, marketers find comfort in last click KPI metrics because they are unaware of alternatives, lack the budget or don’t trust alternative forms of measurement. An orientation around tracking conversions poses digital marketers with inadequate audience scale, increased competition, and entice prospects to continue ‘shopping around.’


  • Focusing solely on conversion oriented tracking poses marketers with limited audience scale, increased competition, and a threatened prospect acquisition.
  • Consider other options beyond last click conversions, such as value oriented tracking, stage based tracking or attribution tracking.
  • To find out if your brand should be tracking for stages beyond tracking conversions, simply navigate to Google Analytics and check for the count of frequency beyond a single visit it takes users before they convert. If that percent of visitors is greater than 30%, you should be focusing beyond just conversions.

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