Using Weather Data to Improve Conversions

Weather Data, Improve Conversions

Weather is around us every hour of every day. We worry about the weather when we’re getting ready to leave the house or when planning a trip. ‘How cold is it?’ ‘Should I bring an umbrella?’ Yet, most marketers do not include weather data when putting together a campaign strategy. Weather could, however, be an important factor in their campaign’s success to improve conversions.

Why Weather Matters in Marketing

While weather may seem a trivial matter to many, we at Katana understand that it can actually be used to improve conversions – especially for real-time digital campaigns.

For example, let’s say that a big snowstorm is predicted to hit the Northeast within the following 24 hours. Your company sells snow blowers or shovels. You could take advantage of the time before the storm to target potential customers in the affected areas, reminding them to get their product before the storm hits. Customers are more likely to either buy online or come into the store since the storm is already on their minds.

Leveraging Weather Data for Real-Time Digital Advertising

So marketers know that there may be a potential market in utilizing weather data, but how should they leverage it? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Advertise products specific to local weather conditions: Check the weather around the country, and showcase products that best fit the conditions (i.e. rain boots in areas expected to get showers).
  • Create targeted, creative messages aligned to weather conditions: Be specific and relevant.
  • Identify weather patterns in campaign history to see how weather affected conversions, i.e. was there an uptick in traffic to the store or site?
  • Try overlaying campaign data with weather conditions from across major metropolitan areas: You will most likely see a variance or a best performing weather condition.

In the end, even though you can choose to target campaigns based on all kinds of data, most conversions happen because of consumers’ natural instincts, i.e. because they feel differently  in the sunshine, rain, heat and cold. So use this natural instinct to improve conversions – rain, sleet, snow or shine.


photo by エン バルドマン from flickr creative commons