Tricks and Treats for Holiday Advertising and Your Online Presence

holiday advertising, online presence

With Halloween just around the corner, we thought we’d get in the spooky spirit with some holiday advertising ideas. In 2015, more than 157 million Americans celebrated Halloween, spending nearly $7 billion on decorations, candy and costumes. Online marketing has helped transformed was what once a modest one-night holiday into a seasonal celebration throughout the months of September and October.

Halloween presents a large opportunity to target millennial consumers, since the 18-24 age demographic spends an average of $77 on paraphernalia. While it’s not quite time to start decking the halls, marketers of all size should be taking advantage of this promotional window of eager consumers.

We’ve consolidated some tricks, treats and trends of online marketing to ensure your online presence is SPOOKtacular (sorry for the bad Halloween pun).


In order to help your products stay afloat in a highly saturated online environment, ensure your items are accessible and easy to purchase. Consider including sitelink extensions so shoppers can have streamlined access to your product, or implement Product Ads to visually illustrate you’re selling.

Bing Ads reported that Halloween-related searches on mobile increased by 1,000% from 2014 to 2015. Since visitors spend half the time on a mobile device than on desktop, marketers have a significantly smaller timeframe to leverage mobile visitors. Adding location or call extensions to ads provide visitors with the information they need to effortlessly find your store or product.

Depending on the vertical or device, certain words are more effective for ad copy.

For example,

  • Including “Kids costumes” in ad copy works well for retail brands across all devices
  • On desktop, include “selection” in ad copy to denote that your website has a huge selection of products to choose from
  • On mobile, ad copy should reflect words like, “outfits,” “costumes” or “shirts”
  • Desktop users are more inclined to convert with ad copy that includes power words such as, “free,” “save,” or “percent” for brands that sell candy, gifts or greeting cards
  • Create a sense of urgency with calls to actions like, “now save,” “order today” or “ends soon”
  • Mobile users are enticed to ads that indicate high quality, such as “premium,” “custom” or “guaranteed”

Even if you have made provisions to improve ad copy and your overall paid media strategy, there are additional hurdles that can haunt your marketing efforts. Be wary of even the most technical elements of your online presence, including landing page structure, user experience and SEO efforts. In terms of organic traffic, search engine optimization is vital to combat the content conundrum and improve ranking. Every component of your website must be optimized, including title and description, website content and on-page tags.


  • Halloween mobilizes crowds of children garbed in costumes, but candy is the single biggest expenditure of this holiday, with Halloween participants spending $29 on candy equating to a total of $2.5 billion.
  • About 34% of Halloween consumers used online search to conduct initial research for costume ideation, illuminating a huge opportunity for remarketing.
  • Halloween makeup videos accounted for 57% of seasonal tutorial videos, so beauty and lifestyle brands alike can monetize from advertising on photo/video platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube.