Top 10 Marketing Myths about Programmatic Media

programmatic media, marketing myths

Many marketers are turning to programmatic to try to improve their bottom lines. While programmatic media buying can increase the effectiveness of campaigns, there are still a lot of falsehoods associated with it. Here are the top 10 marketing myths that marketers need to dispel now:

• Programmatic sales people pitching confusion to try and create value. There is true value in programmatic. If your sales person is creating confusion, then find one who will provide clarity.

• Media buyers need different skill-sets to do programmatic. Media buyers already have the necessary skills but they need to adapt said skills to be analytical and real-time oriented.

• Adaption rates are low. According to this myth, only a few major companies are leading the way for all. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many different types of businesses are using programmatic.

• It’s constantly changing and hard to keep up with. Programmatic options (i.e. expansion into radio and TV) are growing, but the technology is fairly stable.

• Mixing tactics and strategy is programmatic. Programmatic is an approach to doing buying. It needs to be part of a larger strategy, not the strategy itself.

• Believing that programmatic and automation will fix everything. You still need a strategy and then figure out how programmatic supports that strategy. It needs to be part of a media mix.

• You just need to “set it and forget it.” While programmatic is automated, it still needs to be monitored and optimized by real person. Campaigns need to be reviewed at least a few times a week.

• We need to stay in silos and individual teams – no data sharing. Programmatic is all about data and data sharing. Teams need to work together to be successful.

• You don’t need to do deep dives into the data; programmatic will do it for you. Software analysis can only take you so far. Data should be reviewed to determine if the right targeting, audience, etc. is being used in the campaign.

• You can test as many variables as you want at the same time. Like other types of campaigns, programmatic campaign variables should be tested one at a time, i.e. messaging, images, etc. Don’t change a number of elements all at once.

These marketing myths keep people from trying new, potentially beneficial technologies. Programmatic can easily fit into any company using their current workforce. It is rapidly being embraced by many different organizations as part of their overall mix of tactics. Before starting with it, however, educate yourself on its possibilities and how you can use programmatic media buying in your organization.