Integrating Social Media with Paid Social – Webinar Takeaways

Paid Social, Fandom Marketing

On behalf of Katana and Fandom Marketing, we would like to thank all participants who tuned in to last week’s webinar: Integrating Social Media with Paid Social. The social media ecosystem is becomingly increasingly cluttered and fragmented, and brands can no longer depend on organic content distribution to initiate consumer engagement. In our recent webinar, Fandom Marketing founder Melonie Gallegos discussed effective strategies to integrate paid media across your brand’s social media community.

So, why should your brand be using paid social to boost organic content?

An integrated paid social approach is an essential component to drive customer acquisition, growth and qualified followers. Organic reach is limiting, even for well-followed brand pages. Our presenter delved into the strategies behind creating winning content:

  • Built for your audience
  • Speaks their language
  • Mobile first
  • Meets guidelines
  • Feels native to the platform
  • Photography is everything
  • Artful headlines

Maximize your brand’s opportunity across social channels with engaging, interactive content via the implementation of blogs, website material and video. Consider augmenting advertising potential with photos and videos best for cost per engagement performance or link posts optimized for cost per click performance.  


  • Why you should use paid social to boost organic content
  • How-to create winning content for paid social
  • Ways you can turn organic social media posts into advertising

See below for the full SlideShare on Melonie’s presentation from Fandom Marketing.


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