Super Bowl Advertisements Recap

Real Time Super Bowl, Super Bowl Advertisements

Every year the competition for the Super Bowl heats up – and not just for the teams playing on the field. It’s also the “Super Bowl” of commercials, vying to be the best, most-watched or most-talked-about among fans. There were a number of standouts this year – from Mountain Dew’s near terrifying PuppyMonkeyBaby to the humorous Avocados from Mexico: In Space and the hilarious Super Bowl Babies (babies…ahem…conceived after Super Bowl wins).

While many of these ads were bought the traditional way and first played during the game itself, programmatic has made its way into Super Bowl advertising history as well.

How the Commercial Game is Changing

Mondelez International, the Consumer Packaged Goods Company that owns the brands Oreo and Ritz, became the first company to programmatically purchase 15-second commercial spots on regional stations during the Super Bowl halftime show. While they were only able to buy ads on certain channels, this deal marks the launch of programmatic as an avenue for buying national TV spots.

Advertisers are also using digital to take advantage of marketing before, during, and after the big game. For example, PuppyMonkeyBaby and Helen Mirren’s Bud Light ad were both seen before the game online on sites like YouTube. Marketers are seeing the benefits of taking advantage of the build-up to the game (and not just the hour before the game, which can be very expensive) and post-game enthusiasm. In fact, post-game can be the perfect time to grab attention for your ad: Typically, the volume is much higher, and the costs are lower than for a spot during the game itself.

Invest in Content

While the Super Bowl ensures that marketers have a captive audience, investing in content is also important. Good Super Bowl advertisements don’t need to go away after the game. If a commercial is really great, people will share it online and watch it again and again on YouTube and other outlets. It truly pays to have good content and to not focus on the one and done mentality.

Big ad placement and technologies are starting to intersect, making it increasingly likely that many more ads will be bought using programmatic technologies. Marketers will also start taking advantage of cross-device promotions, considering how many people use the internet and share on social media from multiple devices even during the game. This behavior provides a large opportunity for marketers to hit their targets multiple times – no matter how they’re watching the game and interacting with media.


image by charamelody on flickr