Staff Spotlight: Corey Zalewski

Originally from Seattle, Corey Zalewski has been with Katana Media for a little over a year. He is the Optimization and Data Insight manager, building and optimizing data-driven campaigns for clients and supporting the media team with expert multi-layered analysis. Outside work, he loves to ride his bike and hike with his wife and dog.

At Katana, data may define our work, but our people define our culture. In this installment of Katana’s Staff Spotlight, get to know Corey!


What’s your position and role at Katana?

Optimization and Data Insight Manager.

What are two interesting facts about you?

I have 8 nephews and nieces and in 2013 I toured by bike down the West Coast of the US.

One thing you couldn’t live without?

My wife…duh!

How do you define success?

I think defining success goes beyond a job or any career accomplishments. I believe true success comes from a life lived in the context of family, community and work where you have a true purpose and a true sense of belonging and responsibility.

What are your most overused words/phrases?

“And what’s crazy is…”

I love to listen to podcasts, and when I talk about podcasts I listen to, I often tell a little summary then say, “And what’s crazy is….” right before I give the spoiler away to the whole podcast.

What has been the most important innovation you have witnessed in your lifetime?

I am really fascinated with the speed of innovation in the tech industry. Seeing the rise of mobile and the dramatic impact mobile technology has on our daily lives stands out as one of the most important innovations I have witnessed.

If you had to go up against Katana’s Executive Chairman, Andreas Roell, in the World Karaoke Championship, what song would you sing?

Oh boy. I dunno. I feel like it would be more of a battle of charisma than talent. Maybe, Take on Me by a-ha.

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I would enjoy having dinner with Wendell Berry. He is a novelist, poet and essayist. I have been most influenced by his poetry and the novel Jayber Crow.