New Marketing Technologies for Digital Campaigns

marketing technologies

Two New Marketing Technologies

At Katana, we are constantly updating our technology ecosystem to ensure that we offer only the most advanced tools and services. This past December, we launched two new marketing technologies that are already improving our clients’ digital campaigns.

IFTTT (“If This Then That”) Campaign Triggers

This technology allows us to automate campaigns when two or more data feeds interact to dictate our custom buying. For example, we recently ran a targeted anti-allergy campaign by overlaying air pollen and geographical data, and then pairing those streams with time triggers. The result was the ability to target pre-selected demographics in specific regions when air pollen indexes reached a pre-set level.

AI Semantic Context Targeting

Standard content targeting via DSP’s has a mis-categorization rate of over 80%. Standard contextual targeting campaigns consistently show ads in the wrong context, resulting in wasted budget and misaligned brands. We took it upon ourselves to fix this issue and developed an artificial intelligence based semantic categorization technology that properly categorizes publisher sites with a 96%+ confidence level. The outcome? Greater content accuracy, better results.

Our goal with these tools, as in the rest of our work, is to offer our clients a technology ecosystem that takes best advantage of real-time digital media campaigns. Standard DSP and trading desk offerings are limited in their abilities, saddling users with inefficient software and less effective technologies. Katana’s proprietary tech offerings address and solve these inefficiencies for better digital campaigns. We look forward to continuing to refine and develop our technology offerings throughout 2016.