Meet the Katana Experts: Mason Betsch

Mason Bestch

At Katana, even though data defines our work, our people define our culture.

In this second installment of our interview series, we talked with Mason Betsch, Katana’s Media Manager, about his work at Katana and his perspectives on digital media.

How did you learn about what you do at Katana?

I learned how to buy paid social media while working at my previous agency, as well as for several personal projects.  I very much enjoy the ability to get very granular when it comes to targeting and build out highly optimized groups. My background is primarily in using paid social to generate leads, but I have recently started to focus on using it as more of a means when it comes to e-commerce types of activities.

What’s the coolest thing about programmatic media?  

Definitely the ability to be very hands on with the campaigns and to use data to make real time bidding and optimizing decisions.  I also very much enjoy the data analysis aspect, and many of the tools we use are geared towards having the ability to analyze data on the fly when making decisions.

When you’re not thinking about digital media, what’s your favorite thing to geek out about?

I am an independent musician and most of my free time is devoted to not only the creative side of that endeavor but also towards the management of all those projects.  I am also very into real estate investing.