Katana Leverages Programmatic Media with Connected TV

Imagine you’re a brand looking to advertise your product/service on TV, but a 30-second, nationally broadcasted commercial is way out of your budget. You’re not alone. Most marketers don’t have the budget for nationally syndicated advertising, but more importantly, they have no way of tracking who is actually seeing their ads. So even if you had the money, is it a worthy investment if the wrong people (i.e. people who aren’t likely to shop with you) are watching it? These are two major setbacks of traditional TV advertising; the price tag, and the lack of audience targeting.

However, the game is changing. Today, a third of Americans are skipping traditional TV sets for something called Connected TV, or CTV— devices like Apple TV and Roku that connect your television to online streaming video channels like Netflix and Hulu. While this doesn’t bode well for traditional TV as a vertical, it’s great news for marketers. With CTV,  marketers can buy audiences instead of just airtime. Even more significant, these devices are gateways to a market of greatest interest to marketers— millennials. Gone are the days of TV Guide; CTV viewers are now able to select exactly what they want to watch, whenever they want to watch it. And here is where programmatic advertising comes in: CTV comes with richer data. Data that tells us who is watching what programs, and when, making targeting far more granular, and thus more cost-efficient.

With a data-management platform or DMP, agencies like Katana have the ability to build an audience with layers of data, such as income, geolocation, viewing habits, age, shopping intent, homepage visits, etc. And like your programmatic paid search/display campaigns, we can optimize your campaign in real-time; with tools such as a/b testing and real-time data analytics, your campaign will be revised for quality and efficiency.

At Katana, CTV ad targeting is one of many services we offer within our programmatic ecosystem. We have created the ability to access large-scale and niche Connected TV inventory sources. With real-time buying opportunities and first and third-party data, we can identify your audience parameters by building audience look-a-like models. From there, we perform granular targeting of relevant channels in real-time, displaying your ads during specific programs, to viewers we’ve identified as most likely to convert. This way, we maximize your budget— your dollars won’t get spent on a generic audience with no real brand connection. We also have the agility to adjust the frequency and intensity of your campaign in real-time so that you reach your goals according to your set timeline.

If you’re a marketer looking to execute an effective omnichannel campaign, programmatic CTV is a great way to expand into television. Don’t negotiate with middlemen or shell out thousands on high-production advertising when viewers are slowly abandoning traditional TV sets. More and more brands, agencies, and cable networks are embracing programmatic TV buying. Capture your TV audience with CTV for your omnichannel campaign. For more information on this service, contact us at (619) 255-0903, or at katana.media/contact.