Increasing CTR with Hill’s Pet Nutrition – Case Study

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The Client

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is a $2.2 billion global division of Colgate-Palmolive and the maker of Science Diet® and Prescription Diet® brand pet foods. Their mission is to help enrich the relationship with people and their pet.

The Challenge & Business Objective

Hill’s Pet Nutrition needed to increase overall market share for “mobility dog food” for the brands Science Diet and Prescription Diet. The goal was to do this via an integrated paid media strategy. The company was faced with many initial challenges, including originally only have a one-dimensional paid strategy and focusing on a high-level user experience and sales funnel. Their campaigns were limited and not scalable. They didn’t have landing pages to capture traffic that were taking advantage of different conversion paths.

Katana’s Offering

Applying Katana’s in-depth understanding of target audiences’ wants, needs and behavior, we built four landing page experiences that aligned with the target audiences’ contextual intent. Being fully aligned with our strategic media targeting, the pages take advantage of different areas of the conversion funnel:

  • Educational/awareness
  • Need (searching for options)
  • Specific need
  • Actual conversion.

Our Solution for Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Katana fully utilized their knowledge of programmatic media trades to focus on both pre-click audience segmentation and post-click conversion path optimization. They aggressively promoted the mobility-focused products to garner additional market share.

Since Hill’s Pets Nutrition wasn’t taking advantage of the entire conversion funnel, we expanded beyond the current direct response promotions in order to reach consumers higher in the conversion funnel: research and education stages. Before implementing the four different landing pages, consumers were unaware of the different Hill’s Pet foods offered by the company. Katana remedied this by showing consumers that the Hill’s Pet foods is a destination for numerous nutritional sources. We also implemented a strategy to help consumers determine which Hill’s Pet products would work best for them.

To ensure that potential consumers were finding exactly what they needed, Katana improved the overall post-click segmentation landing page. This means that based on the audience, they were directed to one of the two Hill’s Pet product brands: Science Diet or Prescription Diet.

Katana overhauled and expanded the current targeting to ensure that they matched the different stages of the Hill’s Pet mobility-related sales funnel. We also positioned ad messaging to reach two types of important consumers: those looking for a solution (ex. dog injury) and those who already have a solution in mind (ex. arthritis diet pet food).

Finally, based on our proprietary technology, audience contextual intent and ad copy strategy, we built two additional landing pages that sent traffic to product-specific landing pages.

The Results: Improvement Across All Key Success Metrics

After the Katana team implemented its proprietary “MatchMe” relevancy methodology, Hill’s Pet Nutrition experienced significant increases across key success metrics:

  • 337% increase in coupon downloads
  • 67% decrease in CPA
  • 97% increase in conversion rates
  • 121% increase in CTR

We even improved upon the previous metrics via a second round of optimization:

  • 129% increase in coupon downloads
  • 46% decrease in CPA
  • 82% increase in conversion rates
  • 25% increase in CTR