90 Days to Triple Conversion Optimization – Case Study

Conversion optimization

While we tend to write about the various components of digital campaigns separately – audience segmentation, day parting , SEO optimization – in practice, we rarely use these tools in isolation. To illustrate how digital media strategies and tactics come together to create a successful outcome, we present this case study in which digital marketing resulted in a qualitative lift in ROI and offline sales.

The Business Goal:

To increase overall scale of digital media efforts and to improve conversion rates by successfully implementing a coupon redemption campaign.

The Challenge

A global premium pet food company was looking to gain market share for their line of senior dog food products. They wanted to utilize digital media campaigning to increase sales of their product via offline coupon redemption. While their initial campaign was promising, it didn’t have the scale that it needed to succeed.

The audience for this campaign was rather niche: pet parents of senior dogs. Pet parents are extremely active online, but the challenge was to ensure that the campaign directly targeted the audience segments that would most likely redeem the coupons.

Katana’s Approach

Katana’s team remapped keywords and digital media targeting into well-defined segments based around need, user intent, and stage of awareness for the product trial. Katana developed different user experiences for each segment and adjusted landing pages to best fit the information or engagement for that segment. Landing pages directly led consumers into a coupon download and trial for senior dog food.

Landing pages are known to significantly increase conversions because they reduce the number of clicks to conversion, and they can be targeted directly to your audience’s needs and wants.

To further ensure that Katana was adjusting to the needs of different segments, we used site analytics, conversion optimization tools, heat maps, and mouse tracking. (Typically based on eye-tracking software, heat maps help identify to what parts of a page people are paying the most attention. Similarly, mouse tracking shows where a person hovers their mouse over the page, which usually correlates with what they’re viewing.)

The Results

In a 90-day period, the company saw a:

  • 263% increase in conversion rates for coupon downloads (increased engagements)

  • 160% increase in lead volume (increased scale)

  • 67% improvement in Cost-Per-Action (CPA) (increased effectiveness)

By gaining a better understanding of target audiences, adjusting the campaign accordingly, and tracking progress in real time, Katana was able to garner significant gains for the client.