Why We Value The Digital Marketing Ecosystem

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The digital marketing ecosystem is constantly evolving, and every company needs to adjust to stay competitive. With the maturation and increasing adaptation of programmatic and real-time digital media buying, it has become clear to leading practitioners like Katana that successful marketing campaigns require increased technological sophistication.

The Importance of Building an Ecosystem

To build an effective marketing campaign, it is not enough to simply rely directly on demand side platforms (DSPs) and trading desks. These platforms are necessary but insufficient for successful media buying. Katana takes these tools and builds around them, creating a full campaign ecosystem. We draw on best practices from solution tech providers across fields, including ad control, ad fraud, creative optimization, media buying, and reporting.

Never static, our ecosystem constantly changes and progresses to meet the needs of digital marketing and real-time buying markets.

Evolving Offerings

To be successful in the more mature world of digital media buying, programmatic offerings need to stay flexible and able to use multiple inventory sources to optimize buying. With this in mind, Katana’s focus going forward is to continue to expand upon current products and to offer more advanced tools not currently available in the broader marketplace.

Our AI Semantic Content technology replaces the manual categorization offered by current DSPs and instead offers real-time, fluid, and much more relevance-oriented categorization of sites. It ensures that the rate at which ads are shown is much more pertinent and targeted when it comes to contextual applicability. Our “ITTT” campaign triggers overlay 1st and 3rd-party data sources to help guarantee that ads are shown in the right place at the exact right time.

We also saw a need for more enhanced reporting and deeper analysis and insights for marketers. So we rose to meet it. We now offer a flexible, customizable, and agile reporting and insights dashboard environment. We can correlate diverse data elements to provide greater campaign intelligence. We can also integrate other kinds of data feeds, such as business and marketing data, into holistic campaign data.

Katana’s Commitment

Outside marketplace offerings have their merits, but organizations need sophisticated technology and highly-intelligent data processing to create advanced, successful, ROI-driven campaigns. Providing that technology ecosystem is  Katana’s focus.

Katana has no intention of remaining static. Instead, we will continue to innovate, evolve, and expand our offerings to respond to needs of marketers and the marketplace.



image from  Steven Tyler PJs on flickr.