Katana Infographic: Thinking with Programmatic Media

Programmatic Media

Think Like a Programmatic Robot and Demystify the Conversion Funnel

In this blog, we demystify the conversion funnel with an infographic. Programmatic media buying can helps brands reach the right customer by segmenting audiences at different stages of the customer decision journey. Programmatic brings in automation to make the process much more efficient and effective. With these advanced buying and placement technologies, brands can reach each audience to bring them effective and personalized ads. The use of personalization can lead to better leads, attract the right target market for the brand, and know who isn’t apart of the target market. Think of programmatic media as a type of robot, who uses this type of technology to make very logical decisions will ultimately bring better results.

With our infographic, see how different actions can lead to the identification of what type of customer you might have.

– Are they a loyal customer?

– A high potential customer?

– A prospect customer?

– Or not your target customer?

Visualize how a programmatic robot makes these smart decisions, here is an infographic that offers a decision tree at how a single ad message could be decided on and delivered to a visitor.

Think like a programmatic robot!