Facebook Marketing Webinar – Coming Soon!

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Social advertising is poised to grow exponentially in the next few years, and Facebook is a major player in this sea change.

To fully take advantage of the Facebook advertising platform, marketers and agencies must have a full grasp of how Facebook ads work and of best practices for running campaigns. Katana, as an experienced Audience Media Solutions service provider, is hosting an Advanced Data Activation in Facebook Campaigns Marketing Webinar on December 2nd from 11:00 am to 12:00 PST, designed to help you ace your Facebook campaigns.

What You’ll Learn

During the webinar, we’ll cover the 4 Critical Elements for a Successful Facebook Campaign, as well as:

  • How to structure your creatives and copywriting
  • How to optimize your results
  • Insider pro tips from Katana experts
  • Why you might not want to boost social posts
  • And other expert advice to assist you with your campaigns.

Why You Should Attend

Katana’s staff are pioneers in digital advertising and specialize in personalized audience interactions. We have advanced experience in social advertising and a proven track record of creating successful campaigns for clients. We have executed intelligent paid media campaigns for nationally-known brands using dynamic ads, advanced analysis, and modern technology. We want to share our knowledge with you so you can be more successful with your own campaigns.

Take advantage of our industry expertise, and learn how to be successful with Facebook advertising. Tune in on December 2nd to learn how to create ROI-driven, effective Facebook campaigns.

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