Google’s Search Terms Create a Roadmap for Marketers

As Google marks its 20th Anniversary of Google Search this year, it’s become evident that the way people search has changed but the reasons have not. People are curious, they are inspired, and they continue to learn. The words that people type into a search box have become increasingly conversational and personal.

Just in time for the holidays, Google had a nice surprise for us as they announced the top search terms “googled” around the world. Although it may sometimes seem like we live in bleak times with much of the media coverage focusing on negative news but according to Google, the search terms prove otherwise. Most search terms like “how to be good”, “good things in the world”, “how to be a good citizen”, or “a good singer” seemed quite positive. The world seemed to search for “good” more than ever, according to Google.

The benefit of being able to capture people’s interests and behaviors in such an a profound way allows us to more accurately determine what really matters to people – in real time. Search term results create a roadmap for marketers with direction to when, where, and how people want assistance. The most successful marketers will utilize this roadmap as they begin to predict consumer needs in 2019.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) measures the value a person brings to a business across all interactions over time, not just a single transaction. Marketers that focus on CLV begin to attract more of the customers they care about, incite engagement, and increase retention. Understanding CLV can help inform bidding and build audiences. Automation and machine learning brings together creative, audience, bidding, attribution, and budgeting tools, allowing marketers to better predict consumer intent.

Expectations have changed and today’s consumers expect more at every single step of their search journey. Marketers need to be prepared to be one step ahead and have the ability to predict their needs regardless of where consumers are in their journey.

Being able to tap into real insights across media to predict consumer intent at scale lets marketers go from fragmented planning and chasing intent to predicting what people need throughout their search journey.

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