Essential Tips From Our Google AdWords Review

Google AdWords Review, Performance Targets

Introducing Campaign Groups and Performance Targets

Prior to Google AdWords’ latest interface update, marketers were burdened with exporting campaigns into a spreadsheet, consolidating them together and analyzing performance in a pivot table. The debut of the Campaign Groups and Performance Targets features alleviate the complicated process of tracking and forecasting campaign performance against marketing goals. Our AdWords team gave us their thoughts with a Google Adwords review.

Setting Up a Campaign Group

Instead of creating campaigns in silos, AdWords now allows marketers to package Video, Display, Search and Shopping into a united campaign group. For example, marketers are able to cluster TrueView campaigns on YouTube and display ads on the Google Display Network into a holistic campaign group using the “Campaign Groups” feature on the left menu. This allows PPC mangers to see an overview report that shows a holistic view of performance.

Creating a Performance Target   

Katana Media Manager, Tyler Dushay, commended the Performance Target feature for its single view campaign overview, citing the easy visualization of performance trends and patterns as a highlight of the latest update.

You can establish how many clicks or conversions you wish your campaign to receive, determine a budget, and decide on the average CPC or CPA you want to preserve. Google AdWords will then automatically provide a single view report of how your campaign group is performing in correlation to your goals, and provide a projected forecast of overall campaign performance through the end of the campaign period.

Campaign Groups and Performance Targeting don’t alter how Google serves and optimizes campaigns, but instead are there as a monitoring tool to help marketers evaluate campaign performance against broader targets and projected goal achievement.

Katana Expert Opinion

“The ability to combine different AdWords campaign types into Campaign Groups will aid in reaching specific campaign goals. This new feature will allow us to enter key metrics that we want to achieve, and in turn see a single snapshot of how our campaign group is performing, allowing us to optimize campaigns to benefit our clients. I look forward to using these new features, especially with the holiday season approaching quickly.” –Lindsay Romanelli, Katana Media Manager