Interactive Day San Diego 2015 – Interactive to the Next Level

Interactive Day San Diego
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Brought to you by SDX, Interactive Day San Diego (IDSD 2015) – the largest conference for digital – is Friday, June 12th at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront. This one-day event focuses on the latest industry trends and best practices, and appeals to everyone from pioneers to marketing professionals to anyone who wants to stay current on the ever-changing digital market. This year’s event will feature 25 industry thought leaders and technology innovators, including Kevin Knight of Pinterest and Rene Barasoain of Facebook. We at Katana are especially thrilled that this event happens this week since it was founded 11 years ago by our Executive Chairman, Andreas Roell. Interactive Day San Diego has become the largest event in terms of attendance and revenue for SDX, with over 1,000 people now attending the event which is packed with content, networking and trade shows.

The San Diego Digital Landscape

When San Diego Interactive Day first started 11 years ago, the San Diego digital market was not fully developed. Still, people were interested in learning more about digital. Now, according to Roell, “the profile of attendees has greatly diversified. Back then, the event mainly consisted of digital agency folks that evolved from a small niche into most of these agencies now being the largest in the community. It was truly a group of pioneers that were excited about having a digital conversations locally rather than having to constantly travel out of market.” This initial event helped break down the barriers between agencies, and helped create healthy dialogues and relationships between these groups.

The San Diego market has certainly changed, with the number of agencies specializing in digital marketing services rising every year. The interest in digital marketing has also grown with more and more professionals coming together to host forums and conferences. This interest has attracted a lot of talent to San Diego, which has produced more meaningful, nationwide digital projects. While the San Diego digital community has grown, many of the current forums and conferences only focus on high-level, passive learning experiences. Since most in-house specialists and traditional agencies have morphed into integrated organizations, it’s time to move beyond these superficial learnings. And that’s where this conference improves on the traditional format.

A Different Type of Conference

The event emphasizes driving the knowledge base in all things related to digital marketing techniques. But the learning will go beyond just “passive learning”. Instead, attendees will be thrown into a workshop type of environment, where the objective will be to brainstorm, create and discuss new innovations.

Why the need for a different type of conference? Roell explains: “The market has evolved, we need to stop doing high level discussions. Most marketers have in-house specialists now and traditional agencies have morphed into integrated organizations – so the need for more advanced learning should become a base foundation.”

The event will focus on five key tracks:
· Analytics and data management
· Digital advertising and SEO
· Design and development
· Social media and content marketing
· Technology and trends.

Attendees will include leaders in all forms of digital, including programmatic advertising, mobile marketing and advanced paid search practices.

Pitch Tech

Interactive Day San Diego also features San Diego’s premier startup competition. Put your brand in front of some of the top innovators, angel investors, venture capitalists and influencers in the tech community. Startups can sign up to pitch their early stage ideas or startups.
· Panels will include three tech industry experts.
· Startups will be able to pitch their business for up to 3 minutes, followed by up to 10 minutes of questions from the judges.
· Two startups will be chosen to go head-to-head during the closing keynote session – in front of a live audience.
· The winner receives $5,000 in prize money.

Last year, this event attracted over 1,000 attendees and is not to be missed this year. We welcome everyone to come learn, interact and network this Friday. Click here to learn more about the event and register.