Effective Reach with TV Viewership Data for Furniture Retailers

TV Viewership Data

Television is a huge part of how the majority of Americans spend their leisure time, but the way we watch TV is ever-changing. TV consumption extends beyond just a traditional cable box, with nonlinear TV (on-demand, or online streaming services) becoming the preferred method to consume televised programming. For the first time, over-the-top devices (OTT), cable boxes and gaming consoles are connected.

Katana has the answer to reach fragmented audiences. Ready to take advantage of our TV Viewership Data technology? 

TV Viewership intelligence analyzes the TV viewership data on a sub-second basis to know, with certainty, how TV viewers are interacting with television content and ads. Once this data is available, Katana has the ability to reach online users based on their TV, video and game console viewership. Katana yields the largest aggregate network of TV device viewing data, making us the only service provider capable of integrating this comprehensive dataset into our TV Viewership engine in order to reach and/or retarget audiences that have been exposed to certain TV ads or content.

TV Viewership technology monitors television viewership in millions of households and contextually identifies which content and ads are being consumed within 2.5 seconds. Once the TV viewership data is aggregated and associated with cookies/device identifiers, online audiences are constructed and pushed out into our DMP.

How a Furniture Retailer Uses TV Viewership Campaigns

A furniture retailer can extend the reach of their ads by retargeting users online who had been previously exposed to their brand’s TV ad. Furthermore, a furniture retailer can conquest competitor’s potential consumers by digitally targeting viewers who had seen the competitor’s TV ad.

Our Campaigns Are Capable of:

  • Audience targeting: Target niche audience segments based on their viewing behaviors. For example, our TV Viewership technology recognizes if a TV viewer is watching a home improvement show. Based on the TV Viewership data, we can then target the user on a mobile device with an ad for a furniture retailer.
  • Incremental reach to TV campaigns: Are you running TV commercials? If so, then your brand can gradually increase exposure to reach or retarget TV viewers digitally across desktop, mobile or tablet devices.
  • Conquest of competition: Reach consumers online who have previously been exposed to another brand’s TV ads.
  • Reach unique audiences, even cord cutters: Gain exposure among fragmented audiences on over-the-top (OTT) devices and gaming consoles for maximized reach.
  • Audience profiling to reinforce messaging: Activate new audiences and insights by analyzing TV viewership data.

Transform the way your audience interacts with your brand. Interested in learning more about TV Viewership Data campaigns? Contact caitlin.byrne@katana.media or find more information in our deck below.