Marketing Guide: The Programmatic Buyers’ Key to Success

programmatic buyers

If big data were a nightclub, vendors and data partners would be the bouncers. They can get programmatic buyers access to areas where they wouldn’t be able to get into. But not all of them have the same data access. Some can go where others can’t. And while some let you in willingly, others are reluctant to lift the velvet ropes. Access to the right data – and the ability to integrate it into your campaigns – plays a huge role in your programmatic success.

Data Is Widely Available, But Programmatic Players Have Different Access to It

“Big data” can sound vague, but it’s really just thousands of data points assembled from different sources. These data points are layered on top of one another to give media buyers critical insights into their target audiences and how to resonate with them.

There’s a significant amount of data being generated at each layer. Consider how much data is generated at just a campaign level. The following is just a sample:

  • Bidding prices
  • Attempted bidding prices
  • Win rates
  • Speed of executions
  • Speed of bid vs. win

Different players in the programmatic ecosystem – like SSPs, ad exchanges, and DSPs – have access to different layers of information. Each layer is useful on its own, but data becomes truly powerful when a competent vendor or data partner integrates it to present a multilayered view of your target audience and overall campaign intelligence. Most marketers are swimming in data. Generating it is no longer an issue. What matters now is how well you’re able to access and integrate it in executing programmatic campaigns.

Two Major Assumptions Undermining Programmatic Campaigns

Programmatic’s automation capabilities are great, but it takes data to unleash its true potential. The more data advertisers have to inform their campaigns, the better decisions they’ll make to reach their target audience and make the most of precious ad spend.

Unfortunately, a lot of programmatic buyers are making the assumption that data is being passed throughout programmatic’s entire ecosystem. They think that, just because one vendor or partner has access to a particular layer of data, other partners enjoy that same access.

Another misconception: just because a vendor or data partner has access to certain data means they’ll be able (or willing) to use it to empower a marketer’s programmatic campaigns. For a marketer’s purposes, data that isn’t integrated into their programmatic campaigns might as well not exist.

The Result?

Based on these faulty assumptions, marketers execute a lot of programmatic campaigns on incomplete information. They work with partners who aren’t providing the access and integration they need to target the right people, connect with them in real time, and run profitable campaigns.

What Should Marketers Do About It?

The good news is you don’t have to make the assumptions many other programmatic buyers are making.

It’s crucial to figure out what type of access to data a vendor or potential partner has – as well as their abilities to integrate different layers of data – before deciding to hire them. Asking a few questions now will save you a lot of trouble (and money) later on.

Don’t assume just because a partner has access to data means they’ll be able to use it to empower your programmatic campaigns. Data doesn’t have practical value to you unless you can use it to inform programmatic campaigns and optimize them over time.

The right vendor or data partner can make your programmatic efforts much more profitable… as long as the data they can access and use in campaigns aligns with your business goals.

It takes a little due diligence up front, but it’s well worth the effort.

Access and Integration are Key

We’re living in a brave new world of digital advertising.

There’s no shortage of data out there. Access and integration are the prized commodities. Different data layers have different access points. As a marketer, it’s vital to understand a potential partner’s place in that structure before deciding to work with them.

Does the vendor or data partner have access to the data your campaign needs to succeed? Can they integrate that data with other layers – whether from first, second, or third parties?

A lot of media buyers aren’t asking these questions. But getting them answered before hiring anyone will help you connect with your target audience and make the most of every ad dollar you spend.