Cross-Channel Paid Media Strategies

Paid Media Strategies, cross-channel

With the latest marketing products, platforms and tools inundating the internet, deciphering the most efficient SEM, display or SEO practices can be muddled in such a highly saturated environment. Even if someone did have the time to deconstruct the digital landscape, approaching marketing with a silo mentality is detrimental to campaign effectiveness since all channels share rich audience data. Take your brand in the right direction with cross-channel paid media strategies.

Consider the voluminous audience and performance data mined from your brand’s social media or content marketing efforts, like interests or ideal messaging. The demographical and keyword data extracted from other marketing executions (like social media) SHOULD be finessed and used in harmony with search campaigns to ultimately enhance performance.

A Facebook-commissioned study revealed that brands can significantly augment paid-search performance and decrease cost per acquisition by simultaneously running Facebook’s ads with other paid media campaigns. The study found that cross-channel Facebook ads increase search volume while reinforcing brand preference in searchers.

In order to yield the highest conversion for the lowest CPA, implement different Facebook budgets and assess the effect on paid-search performance. Further, adjust Facebook targeting, bidding, creative and ad formatting to try and trigger even the most incremental growth, since small improvements now can lead to enhanced performance over time. Lastly, track and measure cross-channel conversions to establish which blend of marketing efforts render optimal campaign performance.

Leverage a social channel’s following and intimacy (like Facebook) by using it as an initial touch point to educate users about your brand’s product or service. Once your presence has been established, capitalize on the powerful capabilities of retargeting. Facebook is a formidable leader in cultivating large retargeting lists; upon building out a Facebook campaign, pixel the corresponding landing page and setup your AdWords audience to initiate remarketing campaigns once the scope of your remarketing list has been satisfied.

Another actionable strategy for amplifying remarketing efforts is to include high-volume keywords from Remarketing List for Search Ads (RLSA) in cross-channel ad copy. Determine the highest volume keywords using your Keyword Planner, and incorporate those keywords in your cross-channel ads since searchers will most likely use these keywords to find your product or service.

Approach cross-channel marketing as means of illustrating the same story to individuals in multiple ways. Cross-channel marketing targets individuals as they progress though the engagement funnel, and every execution across each channel should be conveying consistent messaging.



Each channel fosters different engagement, so once your overarching strategy is established, consider how each user interacts with the above engagement funnel. Successful cross-channel strategies take into consideration every variable, from optimized dayparting tactics (for social updates/ads) to having mobile responsive websites.

Final Caveats:

  • Consider how the channel is viewed
  • Consistently use a cohesive theme across each channel
  • Adapt to each channel’s content style (Like Twitter’s 140-character limit)