Content Marketing 101: How To Leverage Content to Boost Brand Visibility

When it comes to digital marketing, content is king, and everyone knows it. More than 211 million pieces of content are published every minute, a process that repeats itself 1,440 times a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks out of the year. Marketers looking to boost brand visibility not only need to keep up, but they need to learn how to do it better.

Content marketing is particularly powerful because, over time, it builds a sense of credibility and thought leadership in any given space— something that has become invaluable in any oversaturated market. Not only that, content marketing is a key booster for every segment of a branding campaign, including SEO optimization, social media content, newsletters, website material, etc. The best part? It’s pretty inexpensive to maintain, aside from nominal fees for any additional paid platforms. 

So, how do you cut through the noise? Strategy, strategy, strategy. You need to build a narrative that can continually engage your audience in diverse ways. In my eyes, good strategy builds a diverse mix of content that is informative, consistent, transparent, entertaining and individually tailored to each channel. Once your content marketing strategy is developed and refined, get your whole team on board. If they have personal social channels they’re willing to leverage to support your campaign, clue them in on how they can align their messaging to suit your goals. Determine your audience values, and tailor your creative presentation accordingly. Use calendars; plan ahead.

Once your mix is established, make it meaningful! Visually, remember that you only have eight seconds to capture your readers’ attention, so make your headline and first sentence count. Plus, for SEO purposes, your headline should be resilient enough to catch your audience’s attention – think human-optimized headlines. The ‘listicle’ (i.e. “five ways to ….”) is a particularly effective way to capture the attention of the quick-scrolling reader.

Whether you’re in the infancy stages of your content development or a marketing veteran, any brand has the ability to create engaging content. In a digital age that shares more than ever, your brand should capitalize on your audiences’ triggers, ultimately resulting in increased shares, engagement, and most importantly, conversions