Why Brands Need to Use Facebook Canvas Ads

"Images of two phones adjacent to each other, one with Facebook logo, other with an exclamation point against a dark blue and light blue background"

A “Canvas” style advertisement is an ad format used in Facebook Ads Manager to showcase a particular product or multiple products within a company’s brand. They are interactive, in-feed stories (images and videos) that can show off products, pricing, and corresponding eCommerce store to make a fast and easy purchase. Marketers can easily create a product campaign with simple templates for a creative, minimalist canvas ad to attract new customers.

Why It’s Beneficial

Marketers have the ability to cater Canvas ads towards what their unique business goals are, whether that be brand awareness or sales. Building canvas ads tailored to a company’s particular brand colors, aesthetic or service is quite simple with Facebook Ads Manager. Users don’t go to Facebook with the intention of purchasing something, though purchases are often made on Facebook and Instagram. When users log onto Facebook, they want to be entertained when they’re scrolling through on their laptop or mobile device, which is why ads must be visually engaging to be successful. Canvas ads are also an excellent way for businesses to provide a mobile friendly, immersive ad experience. Videos and panoramic images load instantly, and actions towards the brand can be taken more easily. 

Client Success:

With Canvas ads, we’ve seen tremendous success with one of our clients, Chef’n, for their new product line, CoffeeHouse. From May 1st-25th, this campaign showed comparatively higher success over Facebook Carousel ads. Here are some examples of how Canvas ads outdid Carousel ads in performance i.e. impressions, clicks and relevancy score (i.e. how relevant an ad is to a user).


Performance of Canvas vs. Carousel Ads:

Canvas Ads – Approx. 221k Impressions

Carousel Ads – Approx. 97k Impressions

(That’s 126% more impressions using canvas ads!)

Canvas Ads – Approx. 17k Link Clicks

Carousel Ads – Approx. 2.4k Link Clicks

Canvas Ads – Approx. Average Relevancy Score of 8.17 out of 9 

Carousel Ads – Approx. Average Relevancy Score of 6.5 out of 9 

KATANA highly recommends the use of ad formats that are interactive and highly engaging in order to build strong brand awareness that converts to higher online sales. For tips on how to get started as well as KATANA’s capabilities on Facebook for your brand, contact us at letstalks@katana.media today

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