The Benefits of Programmatic Media Buying

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Programmatic buying – defined as the process of selling and buying digital advertising using automated processes – helps businesses find and target audiences across all channels and mediums. Programmatic is rapidly growing. In fact, it’s projected that by the end of this year nearly half of digital media campaigns will be executed using programmatic technologies.

Benefits of Programmatic & Opportunities for Your Company

While programmatic buying may be a new term for many businesses, the benefits of it cannot be ignored. Programmatic has been proven to:
Drive incremental business value

  • Allow marketers to access ad inventory more efficiently
  • Obtain important data about target audiences
  • Improve ROI on ad spend
  • Decrease campaign budget waste
  • Focus dollars on audiences most likely to convert.

It also eliminates the need to perform manual negotiations with individual publishers – which can be a big headache for many marketers and agencies.

Proven Results

Results from representative programmatic campaigns show why there’s no better time for marketers to embrace programmatic ad buying. Businesses who have used it have seen:

  • Greater ROI for ad budgets due to data-driven decision making
  • Improved cost efficiencies on ad impressions owing to audience-based campaigns automated buying
  •  Better conversions due to delivering personalized and highly relevant messages and ads to markets
  • The ability to control all campaign variables.

Audiences have become rapidly and increasingly fragmented. They are using more platforms, channels and devices than ever before. Yet, they also want more personalized and relevant ad experiences. Programmatic offers the most effective method of meeting those demands via cross-channel campaigns.

Get the Best Guide to Programmatic

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