Advanced Data Activation for Facebook Webinar Recap

Social Media Webinar, Marketing Webinar, Advanced Data, Data Activation

A big thank you to everyone who attended our recent webinar: Advanced Data Activation in Facebook. At Katana, data is our currency. Knowing how to interpret and leverage your data is key to running effective media campaigns and to smarter ad buying, particularly on Facebook.

Using Data in Facebook Campaigns

The failure to adequately use data is the downfall of many campaigns. To help marketers, Katana President, JJ Bannasch and Media Manager, Mason Betsch shared their knowledge and experience in data-driven campaigning, including providing Facebook campaign tips and insights like:

  • Why you should always look beyond top-line tactic performance
  • The difference between small (i.e. creative copy), medium (i.e. ad placement), and large (i.e. ad format) levers, and when to use each.  
  • How to reach your goals using strategy execution best practices, like focusing on a Cost Per Action (CPA) strategy if you want to pay and optimize only for actions.
  • Keys to success, such as testing often and varying campaign start times.

The webinar also covered how Katana analyzes data – and how you can leverage their experience in your campaigns. Our presenters explored how 1st and 3rd party data can improve Facebook targeting, how to integrate Google Analytics into your campaigns, and how to set up your campaign to optimize continued data collection.

Thanks to everyone who participated and we’re already looking forward to the next one. Have a particular topic you want covered? Let us know in the comments.