3 Ways To Optimize your Holiday Retargeting Campaign

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Retargeting services are a necessity in every marketer’s toolbox. With a piece of javascript code, or commonly known as a “tracking pixel,” marketers can follow users across the web, allowing them to gain valuable information about the user’s interests. And the more intel you have, the better  (and more targeted) your messaging can become. While retargeting is not a new marketing tactic, successful retargeting is only as effective as its execution. As media buying agency with over 4 years in the digital marketing industry, we have found many wasted retargeting budgets due to critical oversights in campaign strategies. It’s time to get a leg up by delivering smarter retargeting campaigns—  see below for Katana’s expert tips:

Audience segmentation

Rule #1 of audience segmenting: don’t pool together users that are in different parts of the sales funnel. Cookie pools are a great way to retarget users through search and display. With Facebook ad services, Audience Insights is a great retargeting tool to use when crafting your messaging— you can use it to access user’s Facebook information, as well as information from third-party websites. Overlaying these different types of audience data will also enhance your site and conversion data; you can also use that data to identify patterns in buying behavior and demographics. With audience segments and a retargeting cookie pool, your campaign is in a much better position to convert potential customers.

Proper messaging

With a refined audience grouping approach, you can message the right audience, at the right time and drive conversions. Break down targeting segments by buying and browsing behavior. Then, tailor messaging based on actions you want the consumer to take next; i.e. complete your order, buy one today and get 20% off. That way, you can bring your potential customers further down the purchase funnel. Then, of course, don’t forget to test your messaging again and again. Revamp your creative messaging will not only help to keep your CTR up, but it will keep consumers interested. Test for send times and new audience segments, and see which presents a greater ROI over time.

Serving enough impressions

The key to remaining salient in the minds of consumers is to serve a lot of impressions. This is teetering a fine line, though. Serving too many impressions means oversaturating your audience and lowering your CTR. Aim for around 20 impressions per month for every user in your audience segment.

Retargeting is an essential and practical tool in digital marketing– and everyone knows it. So how do you get ahead of the game? Focus on vendors with the technology to convert audience behavior into intelligent user targeting strategies. This type of data-driven approach will go far beyond basic retargeting and deliver a campaign set up for success.