2019 Digital Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore

As digital marketers in 2019, we must predict everything from what platforms will remain most relevant, what new types of technology will enter the market, and how to stay on top of targeting efforts. The digital world is becoming increasingly more nuanced and complex, and that means there must be a strong effort to keep up to date on our marketing strategies in an informed way.

Using consumer insights and relevant observations from the previous year, we have compiled a list of some of the hottest digital trends for 2019:

Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and…Artificial Intelligence

We cannot stress this concept enough. One of the most increasingly fundamental mechanisms of digital marketing is A.I. technology. Odds are, if you’re a digital marketer, you’re using it in one way or another already. Whether it be to optimize content, analyze data reports, or scanning data on competitors, A.I. is an invaluable tool when it comes to creating a marketing strategy in the technological age.

A.I. is especially beginning to shine in 2019 as marketers expand more online and utilize social media platforms more consistently. A.I. allows for rapid data analytics that human minds simply could not process at reasonable efficiency levels. For digital marketers, being able to analyze data about consumer behavior –for example, the search and action path of a consumer visiting a website– is more than helpful when it comes to creating content and strategies.

Personalized Content

As marketers, we know how much consumers enjoy customizable products and services. A great marketing strategy forms when we can transfer over this personalization into targeted advertising content as well. Using the aforementioned A.I. technology applications, it will be easier than ever before to implement personalization into marketing campaigns online in 2019.

In 2018 we started to see the growth of personalization with sites like Netflix and Amazon, where “recommended for you” sections have proven useful. In addition, we will also begin to see an increasing amount of personalized email campaigns that send targeted, name-labeled, emails to consumers. This type of email marketing has shown to be more successful than traditional large-batch email campaigns. Personalization increases the impactfulness and the quality of the content in the eyes of specific consumers.

Giving Consumers a Voice

The use of smart speakers and voice interaction will also continue to grow in 2019. Starting with Apple’s Siri and then Amazon’s Alexa, vocal integration into smart devices has only expanded over the past couple of years. Marketers and customer service specialists are finding that talking is sometimes the preferred method of interaction with brands for some consumers. There are two main areas of impact when it comes to voice technology: customer service and sales capacity. In other words, consumers are using voice integration to either receive customer service or to search the web.

With tools like vocal Chatbots on websites, benefits can include engaging more potential customers and helping to complete purchases. With smart speaker tools like Alexa, marketers can test out different optimizations of search keywords on the vocal level. With this new method of searching, the keywords within online searches can differ from traditional Google web surfing that involves typing out search words.

As people begin to use their smart speakers more frequently to search for things, digital marketers will have to adjust their vocal optimization techniques to ensure that their keywording is more suited to be read out loud.

The Age of Influencers

In 2018 Influencer sponsorships increased on a massive scale– especially on the platforms of YouTube and Instagram. Digital Marketers can’t ignore the fact that some of the best marketing comes from Instagram celebrities with millions of followers. But for the new year, we can predict a greater shift towards the use of more localized and small-scale influencers.

Digital marketers are learning that brand endorsements performed by influencers with smaller followings can also be extremely effective for companies that might be more specified to geographical regions or to niche markets. It has also been found that, in general, influencer marketing increases public approval ratings.

As Instagram begins to eclipse Facebook for the under 30 demographics, it can be a great element of strategy to reach out to smaller-scale influencers by offering sponsorships or free products in return for their publicity of your brand on their platforms. It’s important to note that YouTube is no longer the only platform that influencers are creating an impact on. Utilizing influencers on all other social media platforms can also be important, depending on your brand.

The Story of Live Video Continues

Beginning in 2016 with the launch of Instagram’s live story feature, there has been a rise in popularity in the usage of live video as a central part of creative content in digital campaigns. Video in itself is at the top of the content marketing chain, and utilizing newer live video streaming methods is another way to enhance the brand experience of consumers. This also plays into the increasing importance of influencers, where they can stream live videos using the advertised goods and services.

Another important trend to note is that live videos can expand to platforms beyond YouTube and Instagram. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and the newer Twitch (an app used specifically for live streaming content), are also key spaces to share live content for some brands.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the key takeaways for upcoming digital marketing trends in the new year center around A.I. and utilizing different mediums and platforms for advertisements. Successful strategies are built on successful data analytics, and this will be enhanced through artificial intelligence technology in 2019.

It’s important to also bear in mind that user preferences shift with the popularization of new devices and technology, and thus optimization strategies must also be continuously evolving. Finally, it’s important to continue to cover all bases and use as many platforms as are relevant to your brand.


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